Customer Reviews for Tom 4 Stumps Removal & Grinding in San Jose

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Brett T.
Mountain View, CA.
5 star rating

Called Tom Monday night, he was there first thing Tuesday morning with an amazing new top-of-the-line $20,000 stump grinder, and he did a fantastic job.  I was adamant about making sure we got all the deep roots around the stump and he spent about 4 hours on one stump making sure we got it all.  Cleaned up nicely, was reasonably priced.  I can't say enough good things about Tom's service.

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Jason P.
San Jose, CA.
5 star rating

Excellent service, punctual, reasonable prices !
Thanks Tom !!!

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Maureen R.
Los Altos, CA.
5 star rating

Tom was very informative & helpful when I Called to inquire about root removal from my patio. He spent a lot of time explaining the ramifications of root growth & the importance of getting my HOA involved in the process. He was also available 7 days a week to answer questions. The other tree/stump services are notthat readily available.

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Mr. S.
San Carlos, CA.
5 star rating

I had two stumps that I needed removed, and I needed them removed soon as they were holding up some other projects that I needed to do. A lack of planning on my part doesn't constitute an emergency on anyone else's part, but Tom was nice enough to adjust his  schedule to accomadate me. I emailed him a couple of photos of the stumps, he gave me a range in pricing that he estimated it would fall into. He arrived on time, took a look at the stumps and confirmed the pricing estimate. He has a beast of a grinder, a really nice piece of equipment ! He manhandled the two stumps, he was very careful to do everything safely and as cleanly as possible (stump grinding is a messy job, chips go everywhere.) Ultimately the price was at the very low end of his estimate and I couldn't be happier with the result. Tom is a very nice guy, very professional  and friendly and hard working. Generally I'm hesitant to let people onto my property to do work and I like to keep an eye on people, but I didn't feel any need whatsoever to keep an eye on him. I highly recommend Tom for any stump grinding you need done !

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Los Gatos, CA
5.Star Rating

I had a old stump removed. Tom promptly called me back and came out to look at the job site. The Stump Grinding machine he used appeared to be new and was in great condition. Tom was punctual, knowledgeable and we were vary satisfied with the results. We would highly recommend Tom for your Stump Grinding work

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Tom Hatcher 
San Jose, CA
5 Star Rating

Tom is very conscientious, prompt and hard working. He did everything he said he would, did a great job and did it for a very reasonable price.

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Teresa L.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating 

I called Tom4stumps and was pleasantly surprised that he responded quickly and was very knowledgeable and came out right away to quote my job. He wanted me to know the process of what he was going to do and then quoted the job. His prices were reasonable and he was able to start work in 2 days. He cleaned up afterwards and I'm very happy with the results.

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Chris N.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

Perfect service. He said exactly what he would do, how much he would do it for, and when he would do it. Showed up exactly on time and did a great job for a super price. Wish there were more people like this to buy services from.

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Richard B.
San Juan Bautista, CA
5 star rating

Excellent service, polite and knows his business. I am happy to give him the highest recommendation for his tree stump grinding service and would certainly use him again should the need arise. 

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Mark G.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

Tom did an excellent job for a reasonable price. Stump and roots ground out, work area cleaned up after work. Always friendly and polite. Thank you Tom. 

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Barry T.
San Jose, CA.
5 star rating

Tom is very responsive and was able to eliminate a row of hedge stumps, 40+ years old, in no time at all.  The price was very reasonable.

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Dwight U.
Los Altos Hills, CA
5 star rating

I had Tom out today to wrestle with an old multi trunk oak. He had trouble getting good traction on the hillside with the machine, but he worked diligently and figured it out. He was punctual,the price was great.I will definitely use him again.

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George C.
Campbell, CA
5 star rating

Tom did a thorough job removing a large tree stump in my backyard. It had taken some time, but he was very professional and persistent. Finally, the tree stump was removed and a job well done ! I highly recommend Tom. 

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Chris K.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

Tom came out to my home and handled a big project that other stump removal people wouldn't take on. Tom 4 Stumps is an exceptional company, they are quick economical, and personal! I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of stump removal !

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Katrina S.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

This man, came and did  a terrific job grinding down a tree stump.He is a terrific Professional, with a high level of energy plus commitment to doing a great job! He is personal & above all timely and affordable.

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Kevin C.
Morgan Hill, CA.
5 star rating 

Called Tom for a quote. Came out the next day promptly. Very honest and reasonable. He did the work as stated and was pleased to come home with no stumps in my yard. More importantly he cleaned up after himself. Great job! 

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Steve R.
San Jose, CA.
5 star rating

Tom does a thorough job at removing roots and stumps.  Most importantly he is courteous, and maintains communication with his customer.  He gets back to you ASAP and is very punctual -- unlike many of his contemporaries.  His prices are very reasonable!  I will be using Tom for another project in the very near future.

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Ray F.
Palo Alto, CA
5 star rating

Tom came to my place to remove a big tree stump on very short notice and did a great job. He's polite and a hardworking professional. I'm more than satisfied with his work and fee.

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MacKenzie G.
Hayward, CA.
5 star rating

We had a 10" stump that needed to be removed quickly because of a new fence being installed. Called Tom late at night, and surprisingly he answered. We discussed the project, and although he had a wait list ahead of us, he squeezed us in 2 days later!
Tom was professional, great to talk to, informative, and got the job done without leaving a nasty mess. Very pleased with his services!
We had contacted other businesses who were nowhere near as kind as Tom, and wanted to charge us about $150 more than what Tom quoted.
If you need a stump removed, Call Tom!

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Craig S.
San Jose, CA.
5 star rating

Tom showed up right on time, did a great job, cleaned up and finished ahead of his time estimate.  His price was fair and since he finished early, he gave me a break on the price.
Good Job,  I'd definitely call him again.

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Kirk J.
San Jose, CA.
5 star rating

Tom was very reasonably priced, was punctual, friendly, and a true professional.  Tom explains in detail what he will do, takes safety seriously and is diligent in leaving a clean work area when the job is completed.  When Tom arrived I asked if he could dig two holes with his grinder so I could plant two small trees. He did it gladly and didn't charge for the additional work because he completed the entire job within his estimated time frame.  I would definitely recommend Tom4Stumps for any tree removal and stump grinding needs.

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Gilbert N.
Union City, CA
5 star rating

Tom responded quickly for a quote.  He came out, cut the stump flush with the ground to have a minimal amount of chippings after grinding it. Quick job, clean work and reasonably priced. Very happy with the work.

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Nick B.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

I hired Tom to remove four stumps, one of which was large and was very hard wood. A day later all four were gone, turned to saw dust, and he even finished cutting the largest stump into 12" pieces ready for splitting. He did a great job and I'd definitely hire him again.

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Matt G.
Santa Clara County, CA
5 star rating

Tom is the MAN!   I called him Friday afternoon (after 6pm!) and surprisingly, he answered.   Super pleasant, asked me a few questions and gave me a ballpark price on the phone. Next, I was thinking maybe we could schedule sometime in the next week or so, but it turned out he was available the next day!  (which happens to be the Saturday of the 4th of July weekend- aren't most people closed?  not Tom!)  I was stoked to have him out the next day, so we set a time..the following day, he arrived a few hours Early! woohoo!    The price was exactly what I had expected, in fact I think it should have been a little higher due to my misleading description of the job. (lots more stump was below the shrub that was growing around the stump- but Hey Tom still managed to do the job at the original price!
Responsive, Super, super nice and professional, Reasonably Priced... not sure how it could get better.  He even cleaned up for free because technically we were over the hours allotted for the job at the price we agreed on.

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Bob M.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

Tom removed several tree stumps from my son's property, which is being sold.
He did an excellent job and I highly recommend him.
He came out to the house and gave us an estimate. He had the lowest estimate from two contractors. He actually found ways for me to reduce the cost of my project.
He performed the work today in a timely fashion for the estimate that he had given.
He cleaned up the area afterwards.
I highly recommend Tom.
He does excellent work for a very fair price.

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Clara C.
Palo Alto, CA
5 star rating

We had a 36" stump to be removed. Tom returned by call and asked me excellent questions to assess whether he could do the job or not. Based on his questions and what seemed like a reasonable price estimate, I decided to hire him without getting a second quote. When I called him back to tell him that he got the job, he was able to come the same day !
In the end, my husband oversaw the work and he was very impressed. He said that Tom checked with him a few times to ensure that he was grinding the stump as much as we wanted - about 12" below grade. He left the grindings in the hole and cleaned up the job site.
Based on my experience, I highly recommend Tom !

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Union City, CA
5 star rating

I found Tom on the internet and liked the fact that he does the work himself and stands by what he has promised to do. I called Tom first and after he asked a set of key questions he was able to give me a very reasonable range for removing my stump. We set a day and time (he showed up on time) and had the work done exactly the way I expected it to be done. If you want quality work, fairly priced, and the work backed up by Tom ? Call (408)807-1500 

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Joel G.
Sunnyvale, CA
5 star rating

Tom was awesome. We needed 4 stumps removed and he drove out within the hour to give an estimate. He explained his process and told us upfront how much the work would cost. Through no fault of Tom's, my wife and I later realized that an earlier stump removal specialist hadn't stood us up after all and came over the next morning to do the initial agreed upon job. Even though we didn't work with Tom we would be glad to in the future and refer his services based on his character, knowledge and kindness !

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Ken R.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

I found Tom's ad on Craigslist. I was in a bit of a pinch as I needed a row of shrubs and hedges removed so fence contractor could build fence.
Tom responded quickly and even came by in the evening to give me a quote. Tom was super nice and professional and got the job done quickly and lived up to what he said he would be able to do.
Thanks Tom!

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Victoria J.
Sunnyvale, Ca
5 star rating

Tom is a truly wonderful guy! Very helpful, excellent communication,  and extremely knowledgeable.  He even answered my call on a weekend evening...impressive! We had a stump in our front yard that needed to be ground out. Tom was very courteous,  thorough,  and cleaned up perfectly.  He has top notch machinery that gets the job done perfectly.  Overall, he is one of the best I've met. I would definitely use him again and I highly recommend him! Thanks a bunch, Tom!

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Roger S.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

We had several stumps to be removed of varying sizes.  Tom, very nice man by the way, came out to see the work and gave us a very fair quote.  He came out the next day, right on time, and got to work.  He is very safety minded, brings out sheets of plywood to protect your surrounding property from debris, and is very good at communicating what is going on.  He finished on-time and at the agreed price.  We couldn't be happier with his work and highly recommend him.

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Kenny C.
Campbell, CA
5 star rating

Tom is a fair and honest guy.  I discussed my project with Tom, and he worked with me to get everything I needed within my budget.  The next day, he completed the work and even threw in a few extras.  When the job was complete, we did a walk through.  Everything looked beautiful and clean.
I would definitely recommend Tom to all my family and friends.  He is professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!

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Sunil S.
Cupertino, CA
5 star rating

I needed to remove the stump as the person working on cutting my big tree left it in between due to some weird reasons and I needed to get this work done urgently. Starting from my first call, I had a gut feel that this is the honest guy and would do the work well. Though I ended up paying more than what he estimated originally but I had no regret as the work was done well and at the end Tom explained everything he has done. The work space was left clean.
It was great working with Tom and I would recommend him for anyone looking for the stump removal work.
Thank you Tom.

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D G.
Sunnyvale, CA
5 star rating

Tom was extremely fair and honest with me regarding the work I needed to get done.  We discussed what I wanted done and he gave me a fair price.  He even came over on
short notice to take care of the task.  
I would definitely recommend Tom (Tom4Stumps) and will call him again for any future stump removal jobs.

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Phil D.
Campbell, CA
5 star rating

Met Tom as he was loading his equipment on a Sunday and he came out the next day to my house and did the job the others had failed.  Tom is a man of his word.   Did a great job and cleaned up after he was done.    Good man great job.

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Steve R.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

I had Tom come out and remove a stump and previously gave him a glowing review.
The second phase of my project was to use his wonderful machine to cut a 3 x 25 foot trench 7 inches deep for a paver sidewalk that was to be installed.  Tom came out promptly and cut the trench through a mass of roots remaining from a tree.  The result was a simple dirt removal job of loose soil left for me.
Tom's flexibility saved me a great deal of time.  Once again I would like to recommend Tom for your stump removal needs and other such tasks.
Thanks Tom,
Steve Rawlinson

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Steve S.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

I am very impressed. He took out the 8 Birch tree stumps in my front yard. Tom did an outstanding job.
Tom specializes in removing stumps, and has a powerful 30 horsepower stump grinder.
The stumps are completely gone and soft dirt will be easy to plant. He actually did more than we agreed upon.
Tom has unusually strong communications skills. He completely addressed all potential concerns without prompting. He has A+ customer service skills

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Shawn S.
San Jose, CA.
5 star rating

If you need a stump grinding service in the San Jose area, call Tom!  Here was my experience:
*  Super responsive. (called back within 30 mins, scheduled the work within a few days, showed up on time)
*  Very knowledgeable and thoughtful about the work to be done.
*  Did an excellent job and was very considerate of my property.
*  Fair pricing, no surprises.  (price was actually a little lower than his verbal quote)
I wish all my contractor experiences were like Tom.

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renee j.
San Jose, CA.
5 star rating

Yes, if you need stump grinding services, Tom's the person to hire!  Tom called back quickly after I left my message, his quote on the phone was right on.  The setup and cleanup were spotless, (I had expected sawdust everywhere, but not the case: Tom puts up shielding and contains the sawdust).  In our walk-through afterward, he was upfront about the hose mark on the gate and the house (we have a narrow side yard -- It's amazing how he maneuvered that 1500 lb machine!).  Those were easy cleanups.  Excellent job!  I would recommend Tom's work, no hesitation.  Thank you, Tom!

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Roger K.
Saratoga, CA.
5 star rating

Tom was great.  He was very responsive and efficient and charged less than the price he initially quoted!  I will definitely use this service again.

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Gerry K.
Mountain View, CA
5 star rating

When I first called Tom, he was very personable and responsive.  He followed through as he said he would with great communication.  It is just nice to work with an owner /  operator.  Clearly he has a vested interest in his business and it shows in his customer service.  The work was done as agreed for a fair price.  I would not hesitate in recommending him.

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Shelly D.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

Highly recommend Tom for stump removal.  Very professional and clean work.  Owner/operator of business.  Great to work with!

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Karen H.
Gilroy, CA
5 star rating

Tom got back to us right away, came out the next day (to Gilroy) and got the job done at a fair price.  He was very concerned with safety and cleanup.  We would definitely recommend Tom to anyone in the greater San Jose area.

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Kurt H.
Mountain View, CA
5 star rating
Called Tom this morning and he came out and finished the job this afternoon! Professional, prompt, and very affordable. He was also able to help take down a couple of small trees. Awesome job. Highly recommended.

------ 45  ------

Anita S.
Fremont, CA
5 star rating

Excellent service performed by Tom for stump grinding needed in our side yard. He is professional at work and super friendly person.Great service and I would definitely recommend him.

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Lina C.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

Overall: Great
I would definitely call Tom again for any of our stump removal needs.
Communication: Great
Tom was able to give us a rough estimate over the phone and schedule us in promptly at a convenient time for us. The day of, Tom was very patient with all of my questions before and after the work was done.
Price: Great
Tom's rough estimate was lower than other stump removal providers that I called. He finished all of the work quicker than expected, so we were given the lower end price of the estimate, which was wonderful.
Service: Great
The work was satisfactory, Tom cleaned up thoroughly after, and he was very friendly.

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Jim R.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

Tom's such a pleasant guy to work with. He did a great job removing our stump at a reasonable price. Kept everything contained so clean up was easy, and provided some advice on replanting in that area. I highly recommend his work.

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Ryan M.
San Jose, CA
5 Star rating

We needed to have 3 stumps removed from our property in Sept '16,  my wife called around and found Tom at Tom 4 Stump.  She set up an appointment that fell on a day I was working from home.
Tom arrived on time, was very polite and courteous from the start.  He took a look at the stumps (2 in the front and one in the backyard). Once he analyzed the situation, he got right to work.  This was a good sized job, with some large roots and it took Tom a couple of hours. 
Fast forward 6 months and we needed another stump removal, we knew who to call.  The very next day, Tom comes out - just as friendly as I remember, some handy machine maneuvering and Tom got to work.  He even filled the fresh hole in and gave the patio a quick blow down to make it looked good.
We have been extremely happy with Toms work both instances and would recommend him to anyone needing a stump removal job done.
------ 49  ------

Frank H.
Menlo Park, CA.
5 star rating

Tom was easy to work with, did a good job, and was significantly less expensive than other providers I received quotes from.  When on site, he was careful and respectful of our property - particularly, the extensive new landscaping that we had recently put in.
I would use Tom again.

------  50  ------

Elizabeth H.
Santa Clara, CA
5 star rating

For 2 years I had a 14" diameter stump in my front yard, which my HOA had no intention of removing. One tree cutter that came out refused to quote the job because the stump was in a raised planter about 4' high and the work space was really tight. I finally decided I had to get rid of that stump, so I called Tom. I still can't believe what how quickly (under an hour), QUIETLY and economically Tom did the job. He is very responsive, was great on clean up, and made a recommendation that I had not thought of related to planting a replacement tree. I wish I had called Tom 2 years ago - I highly recommend him.

------  51  ------

Dave M.
Campbell, CA
5 star rating

Tom was great.  I had some big stumps that I needed a pro to come get out for me to get ready for a fence.  Tom was very responsive, came out very promptly, and gave me a few options.  We scheduled to do the job, and then he called and said he could actually do it earlier if I wanted.  So, we did that.  Not only did he come out on time and do the job very nicely, but told me that he finished faster than he thought so charged me less than the original quote!
If you have stumps, call Tom!

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Janet U.
Los Altos, CA
5 star rating

Tom removed a dying apricot tree including the stump and roots from my front yard.  He gave me a reasonable quote and did a great job.  I would use Tom again.

------  53  ------

Neil C.
Los Gatos, CA
5 star rating

Just had Tom out today to remove a three trunk stump in our front yard. I'm a very particular consumer  who values quality work, good business manners and integrity. Tom filled the bill in everyway. I highly recommend "Tom4Stumps" if you're looking for a reputable company that does quality work at a fair price.

------  54  ------

Kevin C.
Gilroy, CA
5 star rating

Just had Tom out for stump removal.  As all have stated in his reviews.  He promptly returns his calls, provides excellent feedback/advice, is courteous, prompt, professional, friendly, and provides high quality results at a very reasonable price.  I highly recommend him for any of your stump removal needs.

------  55  ------

D. C.
Dublin, Republic of Ireland
5 star rating

Great service at a reasonable price. Tom knows his stuff, will tell you clearly what's involved, how much time and money it will be and sticks with the plan. We had some big roots to tackle in Sunnyvale. Tom got the job done excellently and is a real nice guy as well. Highly recommend him.

------  56  ------

Mel F.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

Tom was great! Super nice and very accommodating. He gave me an estimate Saturday and removed my tree and stump the next day! Great price too :) highly recommend

------  57  ------

William M.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

Tom was awesome! I contacted two other services for a call back or estimate and I got zero response. Then I texted Tom with a couple of images of my project and he responded within 30 minutes. Tom did a thorough interview of the project over the phone and by the end of the call I had an estimate and an appointment scheduled. Tom maintained communications with me up to the time of the appointment and even texted with an appointment window as agreed to previously. Tom was wonderful to work with - he clearly has decades of experience performing this work. He completed the project very efficiently with no damage to any number of obstacles along the path from the driveway to the backyard stumps. He tidied-up the chippings after the 5 stumps were removed and charged me in the range quoted. The process was painless and frankly very pleasant. If you want a call back and to work with a delightful person Tom's your guy. Or you can call the others other there and not get a response and get frustrated.

------  58  ------

Krystal R.
Santa Clara, CA
5 star rating

Tom was so efficient, in the initial response time to the start time and completion. We called 2 days before the heat wave and he was able to get in there and get the roots out so we could hook up our AC unit, us and our pups were happy. We would definitely recommend Tom to anyone looking for stump removal. He was on time, affordable, and extremely personable.

------  59  ------

Eric M.
Cupertino, CA
5 star rating

Tom responded in less than 20 minutes. Great communications.  Always let us know when he was coming and if there were any potential delays.
Did a great job and cleaned up everything when he was done.
Highly recommended.

------  60 ------

Anthony Y.
Hayward, CA
5 star rating

 I needed to remove an old tree stump in my backyard for a future artificial grass installation project. So I found Tom on Yelp with all these 5 star reviews, and he quickly replied back with his minimum charge of $200 to grind the 20"x15" stump 10" below grade. I called him back a week later to set up an appointment, and he was able to perform the job 2 days later. Tom came prepared for the job, and all his equipment is clean and well taken care of. He was cautious not to damage anything else in the backyard and he put up plywood walls around his stump grinding machine to contain the debris spray. Removing the stump was very efficient and quick with his stump grinder. Since it didn't take long to remove and dig out the existing stump, he also helped to chase some of the tree roots and remove them as well. The whole job from setup to cleanup took about an hour. He doesn't dispose of the stump, but once it was all broken up by his machine, it was easy for me to put all the pieces of the old stump in my green waste bin. I highly recommend Tom for any stump removal job.
------  61  ------

Scott S.
Saratoga, CA
5 star rating

Tom is easy to work with and gets the job done fast. I would definitely recommend him for stump grinding. I was considering renting my own and doing it myself and when I did the math, it was cheaper for me to have Tom do it. He did a great job.

------  62  ------

Dwight U.
Sparks, NV
5 star rating
7/20/2017 Updated review

Tom to the rescue again. Monstrous 4 ft. Redwood Stumps,up against the fence.... nothing left! A pleasure to work with, great price,and unmatched work ethic.
Make Tom4Stumps your first call. I do , and I make my living with it.

------  63  ------

Norm n.
Milpitas, CA
5 star rating

We contacted Tom to remove two large yucca stumps, the larger being about 60 inches across. We sent some pictures, but Tom wanted to come out and take a look for himself. I contacted a few other companies. A couple didn't respond, and the other was way more expensive. Tom responded rapidly to e-mails or calls. He has a good philosophy of always getting back to people inquiring about using his services. I wish all plumbing, construction, or gardening companies were like that. It shows they want your business.
The work took close to four hours. Tom does not haul the wood away, but cut it into manageable pieces. He blew away the dust from his work. AND he charged less than he said he would. Call Tom for rapid response at a good price!

------  64  ------

Mark N.
San Jose, C
5 star rating

I contacted 3 companies to grind up several stumps. Tom was the first and only one to respond within an hour. He set up a time that afternoon to discuss the work and price and the estimated cost and time was withn reason. The worked started 2 days later. During the process, Tom kept me informed on what he observed and what he recommended. Needless to say, the job was completed to my satisfaction. Thank you for a great job. If you are looking for a reliable tree stump grinder and a great price, call Tom. 

------  65  ------

Ricardo C.
Watsonville, CA
5 star rating

This guy is an absolute pleasure to work with. He was friendly, courteous, and drove all the way from San Jose to Santa Cruz take out a stump. It's a pleasure to work with people like this.

------  66  ------

Kelly M.
Morgan Hill, CA
5 star rating

You need stump removals, Tom's your guy, very considerate in keeping the debris down, responsive & on time, great service!

------  67  ------

Rick Z.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

Came within an hour of calling. Was very courteous about my concerns about getting this stump out without trashing my pool area. Removed a second tree while there. Prices were very reasonable.

------  68  ------

E. B. Reynolds
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

Came on time, did very professional work, and thoroughly cleaned up afterward. I highly recommend Tom!

------  69  ------

John B.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

After reading reviews online for stump removal I decided on "Tom4Stumps."   I took a couple of pictures with my iPhone of the job to be done, and attached them to an email. Within an hour I received a phone call from Tom.  We discussed the job, based on my pictures, and arranged to have my stump ground that same day. Four hours later he arrived in a red Ford Ranger identical to the one I gave to my granddaughter. The truck and his equipment were obviously well cared for. He completed the job within an hour as promised. In addition he gave me gardening tips as well as two references for a large tree removal.  I appreciated Tom's promptness and professionalism. I am 100% satisfied with the entire experience. I enthusiastically recommend Tom4Stumps for his excellent service at a reasonable price.

------  70  ------

Jeff D.
Foster City, CA
5 star rating

Tom is a standup guy. He was the quickest among several I had contacted to respond. After discussing my needs he wasn't sure his machinery would be able to handle the job I needed done but recommended another company who could.
I would highly recommended him anytime. He was very friendly and generous of his time, even after he knew that we weren't going to do business. Great guy!

------  71  ------

Angelina L.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

Tom did an excellent job on our birch tree stump in our front lawn. Sadly, we lost the majestic tree during the winter storm, and Tom offered his expertise and skills with great results. He was prompt and cleaned up the area. I appreciated his morning text letting me know he was on his way too!

------  72  ------

Rama D.
Fremont, CA
5 star rating

I had a great experience with Tom and would recommend him without hesitation.
I used Yelp to solicit multiple bids from area providers.  Tom was the first to get back to me, and also the most responsive via SMS.  In addition, he had the best priced bid and was generally easy to work with on scheduling.  
On the day of the job, Tom walked the site.  The stump was a bit bigger than I'd measured (fyi: measure the stump at the widest spot) and it was also taller than most.  But Tom was able to get it done within his expected time and got it done for the quoted price, which I wasn't expecting due to the size.  
He also gave me really good advice on the space on how to best make use of area (it was a large redwood, so we can't really make use of the area directly above the stump).  
This was great experience overall.  Can't really imagine bet  

------  73  ------

Wayne F.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

Tom arrived on time and did a great job at a reasonable price. He quickly and completely  removed a 22 inch stump from the side of my house and then cleaned everything up.  Tom, who is quite personable, explained the entire operation to me before starting.  When he finished grinding the stump I mentioned to him that I was having some problems with my chainsaw.  Tom offered to take a look at it.  Without any additional charge he used his file to sharpened the chain and showed me how to do it next time.. I highly recommend Tom for stump grinding.

------  74  ------

Jing S.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

Tom of Tom 4 Stumps is truly a gem! Can't believe I found someone who conducts his business seriously and respects potential clients who call on him for his services. And that, folks, are few and far between even if they have five-star ratings here on Yelp. (Oh don't get me started on those 'rockstar' handymen, 'diva' plumbers and the likes.
Anyway, what I liked about Tom is that (1) he responds quickly to requests. I sent him a text message along with photos of my tree stumps (and no, I didn't give them names okay? I mean, how can I have them removed if I give them names. It's like naming a turkey and then eating it for Thanksgiving...that's just cruel...;-) and after a couple of minutes, he called me back. Talk about not sending a message to the ether, right? I mean, we've all done that, sending a request for quotes/appointments/etc. to a service provider in the hopes that they'll get back to us as soon as they can. We don't really have a guarantee whether they'll respond or not as most providers don't even have a standard reply-back message that says: "We got your request. We'll get back to you at this or that time."
Number 2 of what I liked about Tom is that he asks for details about the stumps. And those details cannot be gleaned from just the photos alone. And so he patiently walked me through what details he needed such as the size of the stump, the distance between the stump from other structures (ie, fences, driveway, retaining wall etc) and whether the area surrounding the stumps is empty or with plants). I'm not a detailed person when it comes to these things but Tom was able to help me out so I could help him out. With that done, he was able to give me a quote over the phone. Now I know every job is different, some may be too big or have too many factors involved so an ocular inspection might be needed, others may just be simple (like mine) and so an over-the-phone conversation with Tom is enough. So bear in mind that my experience with him may not be the same as what you would experience when you contact him.
The third reason is that Tom is very professional in what he does. When I actually met him the next day for the job, he explained what he is going to do, reviews the phone conversation we had, makes sure that he understood what I wanted, goes through his terms and conditions with me even before he started. He also prioritizes safety in his work and lets you know what to do about your pets/children when he's out there working with his big machine. (Note: Keep them all in the house. For your peace of mind and Tom's.) I also appreciate that he keeps the mess of his work to a minimum.  
So there you have it. This may be a long-ass review but at least it's not sarcastic and negative (like I usually do here on Yelp). Give Tom4Stumps a call, he responds quickly, his quotes are reasonable and he gets the job done well. Thanks, Tom.

------ 75  ------

Lisa S.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

Tom gets it done!
Provided clear expectations, pricing, date and time!
A++ stump removal guy.  I have recommended him to friends

------  76  ------

Megan S.
Los Gatos, CA.
5 star rating

Tom wasn't able to grind out our stump due to location and grade....But we really appreciated his direct honesty and telling us what would be best for our yard.
That included him refering someone with the proper equipment for our stump removal project.

------  77  ------

Ashok J.
San Jose, CA.
5 star rating

7I saw Tom has great reviews on Yelp so I asked him for a quote to grind a tree stump in my back yard. He responded promptly, explained how he would do the job, and he gave me a very reasonable quote.
We scheduled the work. He was there on time, communicated clearly, brought his heavy duty stump grinder into the backyard and completed the job safely and to my satisfaction.
I can see why he got those great reviews from previous satisfied customers.

------  78  ------

Kit M.
Santa Clara, CA
5 star rating

Tom 4 Stumps is professional and has that 'old fashioned work ethic' that we believe in but rarely find.  We are lucky to have met him.
When visiting, as a house guest, you want to help with the honey do chores. What started as an hour's work in the garden clearing a patch of unknown greenery turned into a labyrinth of root balls.
I'm glad we called Tom.  He asked detailed questions on the phone before scheduling the appointment. His schedule was flexible enough to accommodate mine. Tom showed up early, and had even provided a ballpark quote of the potential charge.  Tom evaluated the stump issue quickly and provided a long term solution. 
I appreciate his willingness to take my budget into account.  His explanations proved to me that he takes his work seriously.  Thanks Tom.

------  79  ------

Chris S.
Los Gatos, CA.
5 star rating

Tom was available for me the day after I called him and showed up right on time in the morning.  He got the job done quicker than expected and adjusted his original quoted price down as a result.
All in all a great experience !

------  80  ------

Paul N.
San Jose, CA.
 5 star rating

I called to remove the stumps at my house. He came by 2 hours after I called and remove the stumps within an hour. Clean up after he is done. Remove 2 stumps for $200. Very happy with his work. He charge $200 minimum. Thank you Tom.

------  81  ------

John C.
San Jose, CA
5 star rating

Tom came today to remove a stump only one day after I had contacted him.
He did a great job at a good price. Tom was punctual, as well as friendly and cheerful, and completed the job extremely quickly.
A totally pleasant experience.

------  82  ------

Mt R.
San Jose, CA.
 5 star rating

Tom was prompt, courteous, and got more of my 2 cedar tree stumps out than expected.  He showed up on time, setup protective barriers, safety signs, worked diligently, finished quickly and cleaned up afterwards.  Excellent experience.

------ 83  ------

Mary W.
San Jose, CA.
 5 star rating

Called for a quote on a Sunday - he came that day and did the work! Fast reasonable and has all heavy machinery. Best part was at the end when he was finished ahead of schedule he offered to give me a discount from the original quote. 

------ 84  ------

Barbara Hourigan
Mountain View, CA.
5 star rating

Tom, great work grinding the grapefruit tree stump in my yard. I especially appreciated the clean up and neat stack of wood left (at my request).

------  85  ------

Jordan B.
SantaClara, CA.
5 star rating

Tom came by and removed a nasty stump for me. He was extremely courteous and was able to handle the job within 24 hours of making the appointment. The price was very fair. I will be calling on him for my next stump removal and grinding.

------  86  ------

Allen T.
San Jose, CA.
5 star rating

Tom is a great, friendly, and knowledgeable guy. He gets his stuff done in quick order. Highly recommended!

 ------  87  ------

Mark H. 
Sunnyvale, CA.
5 star rating

Very easy to get a quote and worked with me seamlessly on scheduling.
He finish quite a bit faster than expected and asked to lower the cost since the job was easier than he expected.
Funny and friendly, thanks for being great !

------  88  --

Ria V.
Foster City, CA.
5 star rating

Tom was responsive after a quote request through Yelp. He was available to do the work 2 days after the request for a great price.
While on site he explained the various options and consequences clearly. He also was clear about what he would and wouldn't do. He cleaned up after the job.
Definitely would recommend him when you have tree stump that needs to be removed.

------  89  ------

Robert K.
San Jose, CA.
5 star rating

Seems so rare that you have great success stories when it comes to home improvement and outside contractors, but alas, there lies one within this review.
Simple as this:  Had a stump, wanted it removed.  Saw his truck, looked him up on Yelp.  Requested a quote and HE RESPONDED INSTANTLY!  Said he could come by tomorrow morning.  Perfect.
He called me and said I could call or text, so I text to set up a time.  HE CAME RIGHT ON TIME.  
Gave me a very quick rundown of my issue, what could be done about it, measured for his equipment (note: it's very big), said he could come back after his job later that morning.  Great.
He text me and said he was on his way - he got there on time, he worked for an hour to grind the stump to shards (did I mention his equipment is big?) and bam, done.
Tom was very friendly, and very polite.  He is a nice guy to talk to, his prices are reasonable (if not better than others), and he is an owner operator with experience.
Honestly, a home owner's dream, and a hard worker and dedicated business owner.
Happy I found him, happy to do business with people like Tom.
Thanks again, Tom!

------  90  ------

jo N.
San Jose, CA.
5 star rating

Tom is a personable, professional guy. He came the same day and removed a tree and a stump. He cleaned up afterward and was reasonably priced! Highly recommend!

------  91  ------

Nick B.
San Jose, CA.
5 star rating

A+ for Toms stump removal. He was very friendly easy to work with and responded promptly. He also did a great job at a fair price. 100% would recommend.
Thanks Tom!

------  92  ------

Ian P.
San Jose, CA.
5 star rating

It doesn't get any better!
Thanks Tom !  
Tom removed a couple of tree stumps, one double large thing and a smaller stump. Tom is a s great communicator, arrives when he said and the work went as planned. Plus it was cheaper then quoted. That's never happened before!   Thanks Tom for the great work !

------  93  ------

Darrell S.

Santa Clara, CA.

5 star rating


Sent an email from Tom's website, within 10 minutes he called me and we discussed what I needed. We agreed on a quote and he set a time over the phone. Tom was able to make it sooner than expected and after discussing the job, he went to work.
Tom was very clear and up front with what was going to happen and what could happen during the work. He went to it and an hour later he was on his way.  I would, without hesitation, recommend him if you need small trees removed or stumps cleared.
Great job Tom and I very much appreciate.

------  94  ------

Bruce R.

Los Gatos, CA.

5 star rating


Tom arrived on schedule, and got the job done just as promised. His rates are very reasonable, and he's also a very nice guy who seems passionate about grinding stumps. 5-stars for Tom.

------  95  ------


San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


Tom was prompt, professional and reasonably priced. We called and he had an opening in just 2 days. Tom was very knowledgeable about the trees & stumps. He did an amazing job removing 1 large and 3 small stumps. Highly recommend.

------  96  ------

Gabby N.

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


Tom just removed a large stump in our backyard. He was very professional, got the job done in under 2 hours and did very good work. His prices are also extremely reasonable. Would definitely recommend his services to friends and family.

------  97  ------

James S.

Los Gatos, CA.

5 star rating


Background, I had a stump in the corner of my yard.  Access was very tight between gate opening and having to turn a tight corner between house and shed.  In addition, stump was close to fence and retaining wall.
It was easy to schedule appointment.  Fair price.  Easy to work with and he had great skills maneuvering through tight corners, cutting close to fence, retaining wall, and put up plywood to protect all.
Thumbs up for sure!!!

------  98  ------

Shannon R.

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


Yelped stump grinding early this morning. When I saw 5 stars and the hours of operation I called at 6:20 a.m. Tom asked a few questions and gave me a bid over the phone. He was able to come out today. He arrived promptly and completed the job in under an hour. He was professional, friendly, and cleaned up the site afterwards. I highly recommend Tom.

------  99  ------

Nico S.

Palo Alto, CA

5 star rating


I had a good experience with Tom when I needed a stump removed. He gave me a quote right away, was very flexible with scheduling and came when it was most convenient for me. Every time I wrote to him, he answered messages right away. When he started, he explained in great detail what he was going to do, gave me the chance to ask questions, prepared the place for safety, and removed the stump efficiently and quickly. Would call again next time I have to remove a stump.

Customer Reviews for Tom 4 Stumps Removal & Grinding in San Jose

-----  100  -----

Swati Chopra

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


Wish all other sub contractors or service providers were like Tom. Very responsive, very easy to communicate with, super easy going, good work, clean and reasonable.
Thank you Tom!

-----  101  -----

Kim V.

Santa Clara, CA.

5 star rating


After reading so many glowing reviews of Tom4Stumps, I called Tom and asked for a quote to remove a small tree and it's stump near our utility boxes and mailbox. He made an appointment with me and, as can easily happen, was delayed by a few minutes in departing his previous work site. Tom really  impressed me with his professionalism  by contacting me immediately to let me know that he had been delayed. When he arrived, he explained to me exactly what he could and could not do and what price he would charge for each of the three options he gave me for removing the tree and stump. We agreed upon the service I wanted, and he said that he could do the work right then. He was quick and clean about his work, and he  was careful of my utilities and my neighbor's car. I was delighted that I had called upon Tom. He charges very fairly for the work he does, he does that work very quickly and thoroughly, and he is friendly, polite, and personable. He has earned all five of the stars his many reviewers have awarded his business!

-----  102  -----

Eric G.

San Jose, CA

5 star rating


I ran into Tom several years ago at OSH, and got his business card knowing that I would be removing three side yard trees that had succumbed to the drought. I called Tom midweek, and he scheduled me for a Sunday afternoon. It took him an hour to grind down the three stumps, and probably would have been quicker if we didn't enjoy chatting as much as we did. His fee was more than reasonable, and his prompt work has hastened my efforts in rehabbing my side yard. 

-----  103  -----

M and SG

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


Yesterday morning called Tom. Great positive personality. Asked me some logistical questions. Gave me some logistical requests. I gave him basic measurements and described access. He gave me a quote over the phone, with a lower and upper limit based on what the actual conditions were when he arrived. I was good with that allowance. Scheduled to come at 9am today. Called with a 30-minute arrival notification. Arrived on time. Chatted for a bit. Surveyed the work scene. Confirmed briefly what had been agreed to for services. He went to work. He makes it look so easy. When he finished he asked me to take a look for my satisfaction, or questions. He cleaned up. Requested payment of the lower figure. Wrote him a check. And done. Completely satisfied with what turned out to be one of the easiest home improvement calls I've ever made. I will tell you, I didn't call anyone else on Yelp because of how previous reviewers praised Tom for his demeanor and personality. I found him to be positive, caring, conscientious, communicative, and humbly proud of his business. That he proceeds to do a great job is expected and warranted; that such a nice guy comes to do that great job is priceless. I have full confidence in recommending Tom 4 Stumps Removal & Grinding. 

-----  104  -----

Aileen A.

Union City, CA.

5 star rating


Tom was the best! We called him on a Saturday night and was expecting to get an answering machine. Pleasantly surprised that he answered. Did everything through technology- sent him pics through text and then we got our quote. We were so pleased that he could take time to do it the next day - a Sunday. Came the next day and took out several stumps and even cup up our branches so we could use them for fire wood. He was fairly priced and overall easy to work with. Overall very knowledgeable and professional. He finished the work so quickly. I highly recommend Tom! Thanks for all your help! 

-----  105  -----

Ethan D.

Campbell, CA.

5 star rating


I had a somewhat urgent need to have some tree stumps removed so we could continue with a landscaping project. I pinged several companies via Yelp, and Tom responded quickly (hours). We chatting over the phone, and based on my description and answers to Tom's detailed questions, he was able to give me a rough price range for what to expect.
Getting to this point is always the difficult part. Typically businesses want to schedule an appointment and take a look at your project, which I understand. But, sometimes this just isn't feasible for the customer and we just need to know approximately how big a job is going to be.
Tom was very accommodating, we talked for a good amount of time, and reached and agreement and a time for the project to start.
On the agreed upon time, he texted when he was on his way. When we met up, he walked me through the process in person, and explained the price range I was looking at now that he has seen it in person. It was still right where he was at on the phone as well, with only the possibility of it rising a bit, but it made sense as there were really more stumps than we had thought.
He finished quickly, the price was at the very bottom of his quote range, and the leftover wood chip/dirt piles were not even that large.  
He was even flexible to come back the next morning to collect payment as I was not able to make it back in time.
Communication, execution, and price, were all better than expected!
Thanks Tom!!

-----  106  -----

Patrick H.

San Carlos, CA.

5 star rating


We hired Tom to grind out three large (one VERY large) pine tree stumps in our backyard.  He was easy to deal with when setting up the job and let me know on the day of the job when he was on his way.  When he arrived he thoroughly went over the job with me and answered every question.  The job took longer than he anticipated, but he kept a great attitude and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.

-----  107  -----

Sophie W.

Irvine, CA.

5 star rating


Tom responded to my message very quickly. His price is very good. He is very easy to work with. He did an excellent job. I highly recommend him! He deserves an A+ rating.

-----  108  -----

Joey Y.

San Jose, CA

5 star rating


Tom is a total professional!  He was fast in visiting the job site and providing a very reasonable quote.  He showed up and completed the work as scheduled.  Did a great job!  Absolutely a wonderful experience and will refer him to friends and contact him with all my future needs.

-----  109  -----

Clara C.

Palo Alto, CA.

5 star rating


Another five star review for Tom Held! We needed to remove a stump in a parking strip near a telephone pole. We live in Palo Alto, and the city has very stringent requirements about tree removal. Since public works was not able to grind the stump before landscaping was to begin, we filed a ticket with and once that cleared, we got our tree permit from the city. Tom was able to come out and grind the stump within a day of receiving the permit. This is the second time he has worked for us, and both times we have found him very conscientious and reasonably priced. He is always easy to reach by phone. 

-----  110  -----

Sujata S.

Sunnyvale, CA.

4 star rating


Tom was polite, professional, prompt and did a great job. The stump was located in a raised bed next to a fence. He was very clear on what he would be able to do (grind the stump down to 6" only, since the location of the stump wouldn't let him use his large machine) and what he didn't do (he wouldn't haul the debris).

-----  111  -----

Saar H.

Fremont, CA.

5 star rating


Let's see.
I broke my Hi Lift pulling out a stump.
I guess you could say I got "stumped".

Didn't feel like renting a truck so I can rent a trailer
so I can get a stump grinder and a saw and some ear covers
and a babysitter to watch the kids while I do this.
Just too much work for one stump.

I thought of homeadvisor but I work in tech so have no interest in talking to 20 people over the phone.
Researched on Yelp, Tom had excellent reviews, he had the click here to reach out and answered within 20 minutes with a rough number and some questions.

Next day he came in, nice and smooth, did the work professionally using his well tuned tools and voila.
Now I no longer have that nasty stump from that useless tree that just grew leaves and looked dead in winter. I hated that tree.

Thanks Tom.
I wish I had more stumps

-----  112  -----

Patrick Y.

Milpitas, CA.

5 star rating


Tom was a pleasure to work with! I had a big awkward stump that needed removal in my front yard and he removed it very quickly. He's also reasonable priced!

-----  113  -----

Chris D.

Santa Clara, CA.

5 star rating


Good experience start to end. Tom replied promptly to my quote request and arrived as scheduled the next morning. He gave the stump a quick test-kick and ripped it right out of the ground, no machines necessary (I swear it didn't budge for me.) The whole thing took 5 minutes

-----  114  -----

Yuko F. 

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


I needed 5 short palm trees to be removed which grew naturally (no one planted). Tom responded very quickly. He gave the quote from the picture I took and came to work next morning. He's explained well about the work he was going to do and reported to me during the process. I strongly recommend him.

-----  115  -----

Karyn G.

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


We used Tom for grinding some stumps at an HOA.  Tom was great from the first communication.  He was quick to respond and got us a quote and then the work done quickly.  I definitely recommend his service and will keep him on my list for future stump removal needs.

-----  116  -----

Tanya S.

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


Tom is very responsive via text or phone call, and is very straightforward about pricing and his process. We had a 10 ft tall palm tree stump that was about 4 ft in diameter and was close to other trees, a fence, and some irrigation, so the job was a tricky one. Tom was very clear about what would be possible given the tree's size and location, as well as the risks to the surrounding plant life. He arrived early and worked NON STOP for 4 hours in order to stick to the timing and pricing he quoted us. Tom is a solid, friendly, salt of the earth guy, and we will definitely use him again!

-----  117  -----

Mark R.

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


As part of a major yard cleanup we contacted Tom this morning to remove seven small/medium stumps on our property. He responded within minutes to the Yelp inquiry and we met at the location. Tom surveyed the site, discussed options and concerns before we agreed on a price. He returned a couple hours later and quickly went to work. The stumps are now gone and our clean up can proceed thanks to Tom and his machine. Tom delivered on his promise and was a pleasure to work with.

-----  118  -----

Sophia R.

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


Excellent customer service, quick to reply and accommodate to our schedule. He was very fair, and helpful when answering our questions. Highly recommend! 

-----  119  -----

Jasmine L.

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


Great experience! Tom responded extremely fast and came out the same day to give a quote. He returned the next day and removed a monster tree stump in our back yard. Thanks Tom

-----  120  -----

Michelle D.

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


Tom took out 8 tree roots at my place. He was quick, professional, and detail oriented. He gave step by step explanation on what he will be performing and the likelihood of it growing back. I would recommend him to anyone that needs help with stump removal. He even pulled one tree root out with his hand at our initial meet up. Right then and there I knew i had to hire him. 

-----  121  -----

Josh B.

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


This is a few months late (Sorry Tom!), but Tom was great, fast, easy to work with, and was able to accommodate the unusual and tricky situation around the stumps we needed taken out. We had one near some utility boxes, and he was able to take care of it safely, calling to get depth confirmation before digging. If we had more stumps, I'd call him back, but he already got rid of them all! Fast and affordable, and makes it an easier experience with his personality.

-----  122  -----

Jon S. 

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


What a great find! Came over on a Saturday morning right when he said he would be there. Gave us a very fair estimate. Explained what was up with our stump and what he was going to do. He came the following Monday morning again right on time and got his rig unloaded and got to work. He knocked politely on the door to show me what he found as he was grinding which was pretty much exactly what he had described. Cleaned up everything. AND he is a super friendly guy! Definitely will be recommending him to family and friends. 

-----  123  -----

Mr. B.

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


Tom is awesome. He responded within minutes to my online quote request. He showed up as promised and on time . He does really good work and efficiently completes the job. Tom is friendly and explains the process as well. I highly recommend him to anyone. 

-----  124  -----

Larry K.

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


I love it when I find service providers like Tom. Straightforward explanation, quote and results just like he promised. What more can I say? I live in Willow Glen and I needed a tree removed from my backyard on short notice. I called Tom and scheduled an appointment for the next day. He came out at the appointed time and finished a few hours later, exactly as he promised.  Unlike a number of tree guys that I've hired over the years, Tom took care to keep my backyard neat and tidy as he worked. At the conclusion of the job, despite the heat of the day, he neatly stacked up the cut-up tree and branches next to the curb for removal by San Jose Green services the next day. Superb service and great value!  If you need a tree removed, he should be at the top of your list!

-----  125  -----

Mitch C. 

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


Tom was very communicative and efficient. He explained the process and had the stumps removed quicker than expected. Leftover was some mulch for our new plants! We'd definitely hire him again. 

-----  126  -----

Todd H.

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


Tom was easy to schedule and provided a clear estimate over the phone. He was thoughtful in his planning making sure his equipment would fit through my gate. During the removal he was careful and took his time to do the job right. Appreciate the work and his approach to the job. He is a true professional.  

-----  127  -----

Noah M.

Menlo Park, CA.

5 star rating


Tom is incredibly reliable and punctual. He works safely and is a true professional. We've worked with him several times and are always satisfied with the work and his pricing.

-----  128  -----


San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


We had a great experience working with Tom. We called him on a Sunday for estimate on several tree stumps that needed to be obliterated and he showed up that same day. He was enthusiastic, professional and kept us well informed. He lets you know what he is going to do, what he cannot do and what may happen. No surprises here with Tom. All in all, if you are looking for someone who does great work and is reliable, then Tom is your guy! 

-----  129  -----

Ray Y.

San Mateo, CA.

5 star rating


We had 3 old stumps in our backyard which needed to be ground down, and Tom took care of all 3 in short order. He was easy to plan & communicate with (very quick to respond), on time & professional. Thanks for your help Tom! 

-----  130  -----

Angelina L.

San Jose, CA.

5 star rating


Tom did an excellent job on our birch tree stump, in our front lawn. Sadly, we lost the majestic tree during the winter storm, and Tom offered his expertise and skills with great results. He was prompt and cleaned up the area. I appreciated his morning text, letting me know he was on his way too! Fast forward to 2019 where another birch tree fell during the rainy season and sadly, I had the remaining lone tree cut down as well. I called Tom back to grind down the stumps in prep of resurrecting my lawn. He came prepared, showed up on time and quickly got to work. He kept the remaining area clean and did a terrific job. Tom is very knowledgeable and offered sound advice. If you are in need of stump removal, I highly recommend Tom!